Rick Wood

Born and raised in Surrey, BC, Canada, I have always had a drive for creativity and a passion for the arts. After completing a year-long intensive program in 3D Animation and Visual Effects at Vancouver Film School, I developed new skills to become a part of the digital world. I love the process of not only creating a character in 3D, but also bringing it to life. I paint as a hobby, and most of my work is inspired by nature because I enjoy being in the great outdoors.

After graduating from high school with honours and receiving a scholarship for an animation I produced, I took a film production course at The Art Institute of Vancouver (formerly known as CDIS). Next, I moved on to take graphic design courses at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, as well as BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). I can honestly say, however, that most of my inspiration and experience in life has come from my travels. I have lived abroad on two separate occasions in Germany and more recently The Netherlands, submersing myself in other cultures and traveling to many other countries in Europe, as well as Morocco, The Philippines, and Cuba.